7 Reasons to create your own Online Learning course

John Shannon

The eLearning market is growing quicker than ever, and the demand for online education is increasing by the day. The need for remote learning has seen an increase in demand from both educational institutions and businesses.

2020 created an even higher demand, with the global pandemic requiring many companies to pivot and create quick and easily accessed training and development programs for their employees. Online digital courses have met this need.

The value of the market is growing rapidly as well. In a 2020 industry report, the Global eLearning Market was forecasted to reach $374 billion by 2026. This is no surprise, as eLearning is more flexible, cost-efficient, and easily accessible than ever before.

With more AI-driven learning experiences now available, high-quality online learning can also be more effective and customized for each user and their learning styles, which is quite the opposite of traditional in-person training or lecturing.

eLearning can also be fun, animated, and a more engaging experience when adding in elements such as video lectures, games, and quizzes.

What was only available to large businesses and online schools in the past, has now become readily available for anyone to create. There is now DIY software such as Archy Learning allowing you to easily create online classes on your own.

As a result, many entrepreneurs have jumped on the opportunity to start selling online courses. They began creating content around different skillsets and started to monetize the selling of these courses, in fact, there is now a term for this, called the “edupreneur”.

An edupreneur is a new kind of entrepreneur, that gets paid by sharing their knowledge or expertise on a particular subject. They create, run, and sell online training courses that they have built within online training platforms.

We at Archy think that jumping on this opportunity is a great idea, and here are 7 reasons why;

1)Earn a passive income
2)Reach a global audience
3)Easy maintenance
4)Work from anywhere in the world
5) No paperwork required
6)Flexible schedule
7)Free to start

1) Earn a passive income


There are many different types of income that you can create, but sales from an online course are one of the simplest and most passive forms. A digital course, once finished, is a standalone product that is ready to be sold. As an instructor, you get paid for your knowledge and the content that you have created, which can scale based on the demand you create.

Earn money on autopilot with your very own published content, with course topics that can range from a wide variety of things, such as cooking, playing a musical instrument, or even digital marketing.

Create your course and then target the right audience who may be interested in such course content, then kick back and watch your new passive income stream grow.

2) Reach a global audience


There is so much potential for global online distribution since your online course will be available to a worldwide audience. As soon as the content is written, recorded, and the learning pathway set up, you can release it to the world online. It’s recommended that you create fun content around promoting your product and create blogs to increase traffic and create brand authority.

Paid ads across Facebook and Instagram that target the right audience works well too. Your own digital courses will allow your content to reach more people than in-person training ever could, creating a greater potential for sales.

3) Easy maintenance


With online learning as accessible as it is today, many online platforms give you the opportunity to create, manage, and update your content in seconds. You can build an online school completely from scratch in just a few steps. Using an online LMS (learning management system) such as Archy Learning allows you to do this on your own, as well as having all the right authoring tools required for you to create effective courses.

4) Work from anywhere in the world


You don’t have to be in a specific location to create your course. In this digital age, you can work and create from anywhere, and upload your content online. Set up your online course anywhere in the world, promote and scale towards a global audience.

5) No paperwork needed


No need to find a manufacturer, pay for delivery or shipping expenses. All of your online courses can be managed online, and this includes admin, advertising, design, customization, and course creation. If you like, you can print out things like business cards, or promotional flyers for additional promotion. Market digitally on social media and your website, allowing your audience to come to you.

6) Flexible schedule


Creating an online course that generates a steady stream of income will give you the freedom to create your own work schedule. As an edupreneur, you are free to work whenever, and wherever, weekends or weekdays. You can spend your additional time working on other projects, work on creating other streams of income, or on marketing your course since the income will generate on its own via course sales.

7) Free to start


Platforms such as Archy Learning allow you to have a 30-day free trial to create your course and begin selling it. This gives you a safe option to decide if it is right for you before you invest financially.

Next Steps

Begin by brainstorming what type of course content that you would like to teach, and solidify your niche. Think about topics and subjects that you are passionate about, and begin the process of writing your very own course. Be sure to create fun quizzes and games within your learning pathway to help users with engagement levels.

Once all the content is put together and ready to go, you can hop onto Archy Learning and start your free trial. From there it’s a few simple steps to create and then launch your own live classes.


John Shannon

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