5 Common Mistakes when Developing eLearning Courses

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There has never been a better time to get into the eLearning market, which is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025. But whether you’re just getting started or you already have a course, there are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Don’t let your eLearning courses fall flat because of the following mistakes and set your eLearning course up for great returns.

1. Sticking to a Linear Course

If you want learners to stay engaged with your online courses, then be sure your course doesn’t force them into a linear curriculum. This is when you have to complete each lesson in a specific order and you can’t skip around.

You don’t want your more experienced learners to get bored on unnecessary information and give up on your course too soon. It can be helpful to keep things simple and linear when you have learners who are all beginners and need step-by-step guidance.

A professional learning management system can help course designers to develop top eLearning experiences in comprehensive ways. This type of authoring tool software is specifically created to help with the administration of online education.

2. The Pacing Is Off

You may not have considered pacing when it comes to your course but it is one of the most important parts of keeping your learner’s attention. For example, you may have a student who is confidently going through your course only to hit a roadblock along the way.

If they can’t get the support they need to move forward or they get overwhelmed with too much information, it could cause them to give up. The best method for pacing is to break up your lessons into easy to understand modules.

On top of that, you may want to use additional lessons to clarify previous segments. This helps your learners to feel comfortable with the amount of information they are taking on.

3. Making Your Course Like a Book

There’s a big difference between reading a textbook or attending a real-life classroom and online training. So trying to translate your book, PowerPoint, or PDF directly into a course isn’t going to work. Consider the overall design and development of the subject matter into an online learning environment that is exciting.

Consider first the value of the content, and if there is a better way to share the information? The use of instructional design and interactive elements can help elevate content to a new level.

You want your eLearning course to be engaging and not just a textbook copy of the information that can be consumed elsewhere. Take into account the variety of learning methods different people have and how eLearning can help facilitate their learning experience.

4. Doesn’t Engage Learners

In today’s eLearning landscape, you may run into a variety of demographics of all ages. Adults especially bring a lifetime of real-world experience and knowledge with them to your courses. Because of that, they’re going to be less receptive to being fed information constantly.

This can be overbearing for anyone who wants to ask questions and guide their own learning experience. Don’t feel like you have to constantly tell and push content on your learners. Keep the course open-ended so your learners can engage with the material.

You can do this by using quizzes, challenges, videos, puzzles, and other interactive tools that allow them to use what they learned in their own lives. These types of methods also help the lessons to stick.

5. Too Difficult to Navigate & Read

Not everyone is tech-savvy and comfortable using a computer. Even if you have the most exciting eLearning course lined up for your learners—if they aren’t able to easily use it, they’re going to give up. Dedicate time to making your course legible and give cues for what learners need to do next.

This could mean adding visuals that tell the user where to go next. It also is important to make your font size, type, and style easy to read. Use a contrasting colour scheme that makes the content pop and draws the eye.

Get Started on Your eLearning Courses

Now that you understand some of the mistakes people can run into when creating eLearning courses, you may be ready to get started on one of your own!

Looking for some more expert advice on building eLearning courses of your own with Archy’s authoring tool? Check out more tips and strategies to dive into the eLearning market here.

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